If you are interested in a Juice Cleanse from JustJuice, why not read some of the testimonials from previous customers who have completed a plan.


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  • Well after 5 days of detoxing, I’ve lost 7lbs of weight but I also feel so healthy and full of energy! Thank you JustJuice for the fab juices that made it so easy for me! Delighted is an understatement!
    Lucy Rodgers-Walls
  • I have to say that my three day detox helped me start my diet. I had a flat stomach after day 1 and I’ve not looked back since. It was just what I needed!
    Gemma Baxter
  • I love the juices! Really needed a detox and felt great after. Would definitely recommend and will be buying again soon :) xx
    Beth Harris
Natalie Riding
I wanted to try JustJuice as I had just had family over so was feeling bloated and sluggish after too much eating and drinking. I was very happy with my results after losing 2.8 kilos. I felt fine while doing the cleanse and I also noticed that my skin looked better. My favourite juice was number 1 and 4. I will surely be doing another JustJuice cleanse in the future! Thanks for all your help.
Carmen Alesanco
Absolutely amazing and very tasty. I have done it 3 times and i am doing it again after Christmas. It is not just a matter if losing some weight, it is also so healthy!!
Ashley Smith
Professional, Un sabor muy bueno y el servicio es fantastico.
Amy Joyce
I can’t believe how tasty the juices are and remarkably filling. I feel more energized and my skin looks great. Thank you and I will definitely order more. My hubby even liked them too and took one as a snack to work. Thank you!
Liz Dickson
A lovely cheeky chappie delivery boy, excellent customer service & fab juices what more could you want
Franciszka Gniady
I have tried the 3 day cleanse on more than 1 occasion. Excellent service and will carry on detoxing on a regular basis. Highly recommended.
Georga Yates
Four days after completing my 5 day JustJuice Cleanse and I can’t get over how good I feel! 3 kilos lighter and no cravings! In fact, all I want to eat is more vegetables, it’s awesome!


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  • My husband and I have now completed a three day juice and soup cleanse and we are both feeling rather smug a) at completing the 3 days b) me losing 4 lbs and he 6 lbs We never felt hungry and although I did empty my fridge of most tempting goodies before we started we never felt we needed to snack.
    Barbara Castle
  • I love the juices! Really needed a detox and felt great after. Would definitely recommend and will be buying again soon :) xx
    Beth Harris
Kiran Mooney
I absolutely love these juices and soups, why? ~ My energy levels go up ~ My weight goes down ~ skin looks clearer For me, it's not just about losing weight, the key is how to maintain it. Using the juices and soups and incorporating them as part of my weekly diet tackles that issue!

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