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Juicing frequently asked questions

Each detox cleanse gives you 4 units per day. Juice cleanses are made up of 4 juices per day and juice & soup cleanses are made up of 2 juices and 2 soups.

Every bottle is 500ml. Your juice or soup will fill almost to the top allowing space for when you freeze.

To keep it simple we offer a 3, 5, 7 or 21 day cleanse. Cleanses are available as juice cleanses or juice & soup cleanses. Bespoke orders should be arranged with us by contacting us.

You can pay cash on delivery if you live in an area where we do local deliveries (Costa Blanca), Debit & Credit Card or PayPal online if you are ordering for home delivery throughout mainland Spain.

They can last in your freezer for up to a month, however, we recommend you complete your programme sooner rather than later.

LOCAL DELIVERIES (Costa Blanca): We are very flexible and can deliver usually with 24 hours notice. As we juice completely fresh, we just need to ensure our stock levels are high enough to complete your cleanse. NATIONAL DELIVERIES (Mainland Spain): We offer a 24 delivery period. Unfortunately, our delivery company does not offer weekend or Monday deliveries. We will also inform you if your delivery is going to be affected by a fiesta or holiday.

We currently deliver to Albir, Altea, Benidorm, Benissa, Calpe, Denia, Gata, Javea and Moraira. However, get in contact with us about any towns not on the list as it’s possible we could be passing your way!

LOCAL DELIVERY (Costa Blanca): We deliver to central points in each town. Usually a supermarket car park at a time arranged. We can deliver to you home in or around one of the nominated towns at an addition charge of 5 euros. NATIONAL DELIVERY (Mainland Spain): Our courier will deliver to your chosen address. Please ensure you have provided a telephone number for contact and that your address information is completely correct.

The majority of people find a juice cleanse a challenge, but actually are surprised at how easy it can be. As long as you remain focused, well hydrated and eliminate other toxins (coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, etc) you will feel the benefit and succeed.

LOCAL DELIVERY (Costa Blanca): Yes. But ensure you take the juices for your next day out at lease 24 hours in advance. Please note defrosting times can vary depending on your appliance. NATIONAL DELIVERY (Mainland Spain): Your juices will be received frozen or partly frozen. Simply place them back into the freezer to refreeze until you wish to start your cleanse. But ensure you take the juices for your next day out at lease 24 hours in advance. Please note defrosting times can vary depending on your appliance.

Each juice will last about 24-48 hours if not frozen. Leaving the juice longer will lose nutrition and taste.

No, drink the juices when and as many as you like. Remember, if you are using this as a weight loss diet, you should at least be using the juices as a meal replacement a couple of times per day.

We allow cancellation with a full refund (if paid) or deferment up to three days before your delivery. 48hrs before your delivery we will still require 100% of the price paid due to processing costs of the juices.

Yes. But please contact us prior to order as we usually make an additional charge for alterations and may require longer time.

In the event your juices/soup start to defrost, don't worry. Simply place them back into your freezer. Some defrosting does usually occur without loss of quality to the juices/soups.

Yes, visit Just Juice Spain for our Spanish language version of this website.

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