Juice Retreats in Spain

At JustJuice Spain, we understand how important a regular cleanse is to keep your body in tip top condition, but sometimes the idea of changing your diet for a few days whilst at home and being around your family and friends is just too hard! Some family members can be less than supportive and if you have children, you’ll find temptation is all around. The idea of taking a few days to yourself to relax, detox and concentrate on you is becoming more and more popular with people flying to Spain from all over the world to ‘switch off’.

JustJuice Spain currently does not hold stays, so instead we have put together a list of recommended juice retreats in Spain, all of which follow the same principals of our detox programmes, but with the bonus of an away from home retreat space! Some offer a full programme of exercise classes, others offer talks and demonstrations, but all of them incorporate regular freshly made juices into your stay to help you feel the full benefit of your wellness break. In fact, some of these juice retreats in Spain actually stock a selection of the JustJuice products to give you a full health experience…

D- Toxdlose weight at these juice retreats in Spain

Known as ‘The retreat where you’ll feel good again’, this small centre is run by two experts who know the health and wellness industry inside and out. All guests will take part in their recommended three day cleanse once arriving at their retreat situated just outside of Benissa, Alicante. If you’re feeling run down or suffering from poor nutritional choices, this is the place for you.

All of the juices and smoothies prepared at D-Toxd retreat are alkaline so will help with your cleanse and they also promise they’ll taste nice too! Rather than concentrating on weight loss, the team will help you to rebalance and to live your life healthier once you return. The reason that D-Toxd made JustJuices list of juice retreats in Spain is their combination of exercise and educational classes to push your body and your mind.

A stay starts at D-Toxd starts at €1,309 for a week. For more details head to

La CrisalidaLose weight at these juice retreats in Spain

Situated on Spain’s Costa Blanca, this popular retreat makes fresh juices and smoothies in front of you so that you know you’re getting amazing nutrition on a daily basis. If you’re looking to kick start a healthy life or learn to do yoga, La Crisalida is the retreat for you.

Known as an oasis of tranquillity, you can relax and rejuvenate in an area close to the beach and surrounded by mountains. Through walking, yoga and many other forms of exercise, you can pick and choose the activities to suit you. La Crisalida is on JustJuice Spain’s list of juicing retreats in Spain due to the fact that they can offer you the opportunity to juice completely naturally whilst enjoying everything Spain has to offer.

A stay at La Crisalida starts at €769 (the cheapest of our selection), for more information, please visit


Lose weight at these juice retreats in SpainThe Shanti-Som offers a full range of programmes for you to choose from, including a popular weight loss regime that involves exercise, massage and plenty of fresh juices. Your stay includes yoga (catered to your level), regular walks and even personal trainer classes which gives you the opportunity to concentrate on the area you wish.

The Shanti-Som wellness retreat is based in the Sierre de las Nieves Nature Park and Bio Sphere in Spain, which guarantees you stunning views in the heart of a breathtaking location. The pool and terraces allow you to relax whilst the team of experts can put you through your paces. The Shanti-Som is on our list of juice retreats in Spain for its sheer beauty alone.

To find out the price of a week long stay at the Shanti-Som wellness retreat, you’ll need to contact them at

Bodhi RetreatsLose weight with these juice retreats in Spain

The popular Bodhi Retreat books up very fast so if you want to detox, lose weight and enjoy your holiday, make sure you get in contact soon. The Bodhi Retreat is on our list of juice retreats in Spain as it is there to help you change when you’re ready to. A full team of experts help you to get the most out of your stay whilst you relax.

Based in the Marina Alta area of the Costa Blanca, the retreat offers a wide range of tasty, healthy juices made from fresh ingredients to help all manner of ailments. They avoid processed foods that the body can’t digest in favour of locally sourced, fresh juices and food to give your body the nutrition it needs to function fully. The retreat also offers a full range of mindset classes which gives you the opportunity to learn and grow before your return home.

A one week stay at the Bodhi Retreat starts at €875, if you think this is the retreat for you, contact them here,

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