How it started

JustJuice Spain was created by a team of nutritional experts who love juicing but appreciate people don’t always have time to do it themselves. Losing weight, detoxing and staying healthy doesn’t have to cost a lot, nor does it need to take a long time. It really can be as simple as opening your fridge and drinking a freshly made juice or soup full of natural vitamins and minerals.

The team’s history

Jason and Cris founders of JustJuiceFollowing work at one of Spain’s most popular Juice Retreats on the Costa Blanca, Cris and Jason were tasked with creating a large scale, juicing and distribution facility for one of the UK’s leading health companies. After enjoying the benefits of juicing and soups, they realised that Spain needed a nutritional boost using the locally produced fruit and vegetables. On relocating to Spain, a team was put together and after a lot of trials with recipes: JustJuice was born!

Together, with the combined juicing and business expertise, JustJuice now offers Juice & Soup Plans throughout the whole of Spain with free delivery and many happy customers.

Our ethos

Transparency is at the heart of JustJuice, we believe in giving you ALL of the information on your cleanse, including hints and tips before, during and after to stop you getting confused or overwhelmed. We also tell you the nutritional information behind every juice so that you know exactly what you’re putting into your body and how it will benefit you! This includes the fibre content and phytochemicals so you know you’re juicing for health.

We also believe in keeping our costs low so that we can pass all of the amazing savings onto you. We are the cheapest juice cleanse in Spain and we don’t waste money on flashy adverts, unnecessary packaging and expensive campaigns. That’s also why all of our products are locally sourced as it keeps the hard working farmers happy; who want’s an apple with an airfare?!

We work hard to ensure that each and every JustJuice product leaves our facility in the best condition and we also promise not to sacrifice great taste for health. Who says that juicing needs to taste bad to do you good? Each of products is carefully balanced between high nutrition density and lots of great flavour to give you everything needed to help you lose weight and feel great!

We provide easy to drink juices and soups that make you feel great, simple!

Keep up to date

Why not sign up to our Monthly JustJuice Juiceletter by putting your email address in at the bottom of this page? It’s full of discounts, freebies and other amazing hints and tips. We will keep you up-to-date with everything going on at JustJuice with free recipes, informative health articles and everything you need to help you to be part of the JustJuice family!

Buy online today!

So what’re you waiting for? No mess, no hassle, no expense, just great tasting juices and soups for you to enjoy! Check out our Juice and Juice & Soup Plans at our shop here!

Legal Stuff

JustJuice Spain is a trading name of Christopher West. NIF Y1124696X. IVA No. ESY1124696X

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