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Souping is the new buzzword in the juicing world. A great alternative or addition to juicing, especially during the winter period when we crave something warmer in our bodies.

Souping is the perfect alternative to those who find they struggle with the feeling of dizziness or feeling weak and hungry. A soup cleanse won’t leave you feeling this way, as soups are low in sugar which helps stabilise blood sugar levels and they also keep you full for much longer.

We offer soup detox plans and combination soup and juice plans all of which are becoming increasingly popular.

5 Reasons to Soup

1. Extra Goodness

Not only does souping provide you with plenty of nutrients and minerals, soups are also a great source of fibre and fibre supports detoxification. The soluble fibre found in fruit and vegetables promotes proper bowel movement binding toxins and improving elimination.

2. Easier to Handle

Cleansing can be tough, especially if you are new to the concept. Souping is easier on your mind as well as your body. Food takes a certain amount of time to reach your stomach and for your mind to recognise a feeling of fullness. As juice has a higher water content and lower fibre content you rarely feel satisfied. Soup on the other hand satisfies and energises your body making it easier for your mind to handle.

3. Loaded with Veg

Juicing is great as you know, packed with your daily serving of fruits and vegetables but with souping not only do you pack your 5-a-Day into one meal you will also feel the benefits of herbs and spices such as turmeric and olive oil. All of which maintains your blood sugar levels low and your energy levels high. Perfect if you have a busy lifestyle that juicing just feels a bit difficult to manage when you are running around all day.

4. Keep Hunger at Bay

Cooked foods are much easier to digest than raw foods which in turn means you won’t have that hungry feeling straight after your meal.

5. Grounding Benefits

“Stoke your digestive fire” as they say in the ancient science of Ayuverda, with warming foods. This is also known as Agni and this is responsible for absorbing nutrients into the body while ridding the body of waste. When you only eat or drink raw foods this is essentially pouring water onto the flames which can leave you feeling bloated.

There is something for everyone available now in terms of cleansing. Plenty of people still prefer juicing as the results for weight loss for example can be much better much quicker but souping is ideal if you are a cleansing newbie or if you have a full on schedule that you feel your body couldn’t cope with just juice.

Our soups come in a delicious range of flavours so go on, give souping a try!

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